There are so many card printing services out there that make it easy to drop photos into a designed background.
While the process may be easy, it can take hours to go through all of the designs to find one that fits you best,
only to find that the one you like limits you to using one photo when you wanted to include four!

Why put yourself through that headache when you can have someone do all the work for you?

Why limit yourself to 4 photos or fewer when you can use several of your favorites?

5 x 7 photo collage holiday card
5 x 7 folded card with captions on the inside as a key/newsletter.

The possibilities are endless!

Announce a graduation, invite people to a milestone birthday party or anniversary party,
use it to say thank you to guests, or remind people of your wedding date.


Each card is full color on all sides and comes with envelopes.
For your collage, please select 12 photos or fewer.
Contact me when you’re ready to get started!


From now until November 8th
receive a discount on your holiday collage card!


Larger quantities are available, contact me for more information.


4 x 5.5 flat card for Law School graduation announcement