Our stories are things to be honored and cherished.

Everyone has an amazing story.

Our hope as an individual is that our story will be shared, learned from, and remembered.

An investment in a custom collage is an acknowledgement that there is meaning and value in our stories.

With good care your artwork will last a lifetime and your memories will be archived in a beautiful way that can be passed down for generations to come.

Collage Creation Pricing: $15 per photo/item

So your artwork is ready to enjoy the moment you receive it, every collage comes mounted on styrene, matted & framed or as a canvas wrap.

Questions? Contact me!

Coming soon: handheld scanner rental! Easily scan your photos at a high quality resolution wherever they are. No more trying to sneak photos out of albums or searching for someone who has a scanner. Simply scan and return the scanner when you’re done. Easy.