As your memories and photos are important to you, making your collage everything you hoped for is important to me.

It makes me incredibly happy when I exceed your expectations.

Below are some of the wonderful compliments I’ve received from my clients.

“This is absolutely perfect! I don’t want to change a thing…This turned out even more amazing than I thought it would. You did an awesome job. Thank you so much.” —Amber P., Minnesota

“…my husband loved the collage – he thought it was the coolest thing ever. I’d have to agree. Thanks so much.” —Christine F., Minnesota

“My sister LOVED her collage! She went on and on about it to the rest of the family on our family website!…she couldn’t get over the many layers of memories you managed to put in there…We both thank you!” —Cindy F., California

“When I first met Giesla at the Stone Arch Bridge festival in Minneapolis, I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and calm demeanor. She was quick to setup appointments, had creative advice and expertise for me during the design phase, and was there until the very end for the installment. I included 335 pictures (family photos and landscape), newspaper clippings, letters of 100 years of family history (most immigrating from Finland) and living in the small town of Cromwell over a few generations. I have received hundreds of compliments on the wall and I absolutely love it! Giesla comes highly recommended.” —Derek N., Minnesota

“I have to say that it was even better than we imagined!! You are obviously supremely talented and such a dream to work with.” —Jennifer R., Texas

“This is absolutely amazing and perfect just like this! I love it!! Thank you again for your assistance with this project. I will definitely recommend your services to friends and family.”
—Stacy B., Illinois

“Thank you so much for all your hard work, understanding, and kindness in creating the collage for me. It indeed has been a pleasure working with you.” —Fawn A., North Carolina

“Dear Giesla, my husband loved the collage more than words could say. You truly are an artist.”—Fran F., New Jersey

“I knew there was no one picture that could capture their lives together, so I turned to my friend Giesla who I knew makes digital collages. Giesla sat down with me and listened to the story of my grandparents, and helped me concoct a plan to get the photos I needed without drawing suspicion. Being that I already trusted her before commissioning the piece I left the rest up to the artist. We had a few conversations about which pieces I wanted in the collage but in general I deferred to her expertise. The final result was such a perfect representation of my grandparents love that I immediately felt a twinge of guilt, knowing that I would someday inherit the collage and realizing what an amazing gift I had given myself. My grandma was amazed at how much of their life was fit into one piece of art and my entire family was thankful to Giesla for capturing the love my grandparents had taught us all about.” —Tim P., Minnesota