Our memories are our most treasured asset. We take photos and save objects to spark those memories. For years, collage has been a favorite way of displaying what we’ve saved.
Not satisfied with mass-produced “cut and paste” collages created by a team of designers who use a template or a formula, I take a more personalized and artistic approach to collage.

Each collage I create is distinctive and made to be a beautifully blended & unified composition.

I take special care to place and blend the photos and other items so at first glance everything is not immediately visible. The collage invites you to spend time to really look at the detail.

The more you look, the more that is revealed.

I work with you to not just make a collage but to bring to life the stories and memories that are in your photos and memorabilia. Give a gift that is truly personal and thoughtful or treat yourself to something special.