Cafeteria Corporate Collage

This 3' x 12' collage hangs outside of the cafeteria located in 100 Washington Avenue in Minneapolis. The client wanted a piece that featured the Mississippi riverfront since the building is just a few blocks from the river. Because the piece would be hung outside of a cafeteria, I proposed having a loose theme of Minneapolis-based bars, restaurants, and food manufacturers, like Gold Medal Flour. We came up the idea of having the piece be a timeline, where it would transition from old to new. As the client put it, "like the Wizard of Oz, where it goes from black and white to color." To achieve this, I used mostly vintage postcards and photographs on the left and transitioned to all current day photographs on the right. I loved the collage so much that I used a portion of it as the background on my business cards.

Corporate Collage Outside a Cafeteria